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American Legion Police

The American Legion Police

What is the American Legion Police?

The simple answer is that they were regular sworn law enforcement officers. The American Legion Police Departments/Units existed in most Eastern States and the Mid-West. In some cases they were Sworn Police Officers, in other cases they were not. Sometimes, they just existed in the gray areas. The earliest known existent that can be found is from the early 1920’s and started to die out in the late 60's early 1970’s.

These American Legion Police Departments appear to have existed all at the Department level or lower. This is with the exception of the Special Police Units that traveled with the National Commander and his staff during the National Conventions.

When these National American Legion Special Police Units existed, they appeared to have been under the authority and Command of the National Sergeant-at-Arms. These Special American Legion Police officials would then travel to Cities such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin that had their own American Legion Police Department. these American Legion Special Police officials would then set up shop and coordinate protection and other programs with the local American Legion Police Departments or Units..

So why did the American Legion Police Exist?

Well the reason very from State to State to Post to Post. But the main reason was the protection and assistance of the Community. A perfect example is out of Boston in the 1930’s and 1940.

On October 8, 1940, the City of Boston exploded into a night mob rioting. It so happen that the American Legion was holding its National Convention there. The Boston Police was unable to control the mobs of hoodlums. Lucky for them the Boston Police Department had already apparently coordinated action with the American Legion Police, who went straight to work and arrested the criminals.

In the local Boston Globe Newspaper, the American Legion Police is given the credit for being the agency that brought peace and order back to the City that night. In fact, the actual statement of the paper is The American Legion Police controlled the downtown streets today after a night of disorder by mobs of hoodlums”.

So What is the American Legion NSIC Police?

The National Security & Intelligence Committee (NSIC) Police is a Private Police Unit designed to  protect the NSIC and the Post’s facilities, properties, members, personnel, users, visitors and operations from harm and may enforce certain laws and administrative regulations.

As distinct from general law enforcement, the primary focus of the NSIC Police is on the protection of specific properties and persons. This causes some overlap with functions normally performed by public and private police, investigators and security professionals. However, NSIC Police are distinguished from many of these categories by greater authority: often higher levels of training, and correspondingly higher expectations of performance in the protection of life and property.

NSIC Police
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